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WHY NEWbraska? why now?

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Without innovation, your team can be overwhelmed by recessionary thinking.

  1. revenue declines

  2. the sales cycle lengthens

  3. recruiting slows down

  4. cash flow tightens up

  5. employees become demoralized

  6. 'stagflation'

NEWbraska's consultants can help you redesign your response to this misunderstood cycle by rethinking your 'value offering' and the market segment you want to serve. We'll help you work through your basic plan and then create a "force multiplier" that adds the "snap, crackle and pop" all customers crave.


"NEWbraska's founder, Lynn, is a go-to for providing consultation on business pivoting, finding your SPARK, and changing your business model to

fit the needs of our new economy." 

cope with uncertainty

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1. Create a strategic identity.
2. Design for trust.
4. Emphasize vision and culture over your legacy.
3. Master the pivot from sprint to scale.

ten ways to gain traction through a
partnership with newbraska

Leverage successful experience

Gain fresh insight into problems

Hatch alternative strategies

Launch new products/services

Create a 'new-era' strategic plan

Redesign culture to attract talent

Revitalize sales and marketing

Foster partnerships/alliances

Build a branded mini-community

Design brand 'experiences'



NEWbraska E5 Success System_edited_edite

e5 isn't just a consultation. it's an awakening.

The E5 process is built around these action steps: 

1) Evaluate 2) Empathize 3) Envision 4) Ennovate 5) Energize


Evaluate: Understand the goal and the rationale for pursuing that goal. Analyze industry trends and the competition. Appraise the business model and the core customer's primary benefit. Examine people, positioning and process. Do they fit? What is the primary barrier to success?


Empathize: Bring customers into the office for informal feedback. Find out how others feel when working with your organization. How much pain is occurring when your prospect musters the courage to switch vendors? Join peer groups and ecosystems where your customer prospects share their view of the world. What is your 'brand experience?' Do customers feel your vibe? Focus on the experience.


Envision: Visualize how things could be different. Imagine how the competition could destroy your operation. Consider new ways to add value. Scan the horizon for emerging trends that could disrupt. See how other industries are handling tech and talent challenges. Could it work for us? Uncover off-the-map product twists.


Ennovate: Fuse features together to create new versions of your product. What if you could find a market segment that is being ignored? Find new ways to use your core product in a different way. Emphasize user types and the emotions associated with product usage.  Uncover market segments that are just waiting to be served. Make everything more convenient.


Energize: Create highly visible project benchmarks and celebrate every small accomplishment. Create task forces and value-creation teams. Identify key skills and the people who have them. Link employees' personal goals to company goals. Treat employees not the way you would want to be treated (the Golden Rule), but the way they would want to be treated (the Platinum Rule).


Help companies in Nebraska become more attractive to both customers and workers. Energize the business sector through innovation and insight. Support economic developers with talent attraction.

Business Consultation

Business has gone through a stressful transformation. Nebraska's business owners need a fresh view of the future. The NEWbraska team of 'way-makers' and pathfinders can guide your team leaders toward a new mindset that opens up new doors. Build sales and revitalize your culture with concept leadership and a new view of success.

Customers can drift away during periods of stress. Reward systems and personalization help, but most customers want something new to reward loyal patronage. NEWbraska provides a simple way to build an online community of customers - a very profitable approach to locking in your core cashflow. Ensure a profitable future by escorting your customers onto the NEWbraska community-building platform.

Networking Event
Financial Report

Ideas and experience are the fuel that drive the support system that will identify and solve your biggest problems. But that's just the beginning. Technologies, research, content, media and connections across the state give you leverage you never had before. Bonus: Lower risk by collaborating with visionaries, including one who took a national brand from $1 billion to $2 billion in 3.5 years.

Our Story

Midlands Voices: Omaha World Herald

NEWbraska concept will give a jolt of newness to state's economy

By Lynn Hinderaker

April 4, 2020

In 2019, more than 300 of Nebraska's business and civic leaders worked together to create an ambitious plan for our state's growth and evolution by 2030. Former State Sen. Jim Smith and Nebraska Chamber or Commerce and Industry President Bryan Slone coordinated the effort and received well-deserved applause for the Blueprint Nebraska vision.

Although there are many worthy objectives inside Blueprint, perhaps the most important is talent attraction. Our state is losing about 3,000 knowledge workers per year to urban areas outside Nebraska. Tens of thousands have already left the state and are easing into phase two of their careers, buying homes, etc.

When I interviewed some of these young grads, I asked why they were intent on leaving Nebraska. They eventually confessed that, although Nebraska was a great place to grow up, the business community didn’t seem to be focused on innovating. As a result, the available jobs were not that “interesting.”

In short, these young knowledge workers wanted a career that emphasized “newness.” This consideration seemed to come before wages, cost of living, affordable housing, good schools, low taxes, even arts and a bustling downtown culture (which was also considered important).

To their credit, these young folks were eager to “jump to the front” in their chosen fields; in order to be involved with cutting edge companies and new tech projects, they felt they had to leave our state.As I reflected on this pattern, I also thought about the famous brand showdown that took place between Coca-Cola and Pepsi more than 40 years ago. Coke dominated its industry; Pepsi couldn’t catch up. Eventually, Pepsi “reframed” the situation to emphasize youth and newness.

“Yes, Coca-Cola,” Pepsi said in their ads, “you are the ‘classic’ brand. But we are the ‘young’ brand, the soft drink for people who are ‘now and new.’ ‘Young’ is good — thus, Pepsi is good.”

Pepsi flipped the switch. Instead of talking about the product, they talked about the consumer. The resultant Pepsi Challenge was a hit. The youth movement exploded, triggering a social revolution.

Perhaps Nebraska needs to reframe itself similarly. Our state could add a “W” Midlands Voices: NEWbraska concept will give a jolt of newness to the first syllable of our state’s name to create a promotional keyword (“new”). The resultant word — “NEWbraska™” — would inspire a new mindset; it could open the door to new products, new processes and new business models.

This general idea was explained by 30-something author Eric Ries in his book “The Lean Startup.” His approach has changed the way companies are built and new products are launched. It can make double-digit growth (and related publicity) a reasonable, systematic quest.

How to use this insight to help Blueprint’s leaders put “boots on the ground”?
  1. Regular workshops would help business owners understand the transformational idea.
  2. A new web platform would publicize the progress of the NEWbraska business “trainees.”
  3. The platform would help Nebraska’s companies collaborate. Two inspirational conferences a year would reward newness in business practices.
  4. A plethora of local growth “initiatives” would be integrated and synthesized.
  5. The NEWbraska™ platform would help “emigrants” discover new career opportunities.
  6. As things evolved, brain drain would slow to a trickle.
  7. Nebraska’s new economic development leader, Tony Goins, could cast a new vibe across the state that would, in turn, attract employers that value innovation.
  8. The phrase, “What’s new?” would attract job seekers and careerists. The reframing of Nebraska is like Pepsi’s turnaround. Pepsi’s beverage container symbolizes the economic development challenge in our state.
  9. The bubbly, sweet-tasting fluid inside is NEWbraska.™
About Us
  • What is NEWbraska™?
    NEWbraska is a consulting, training and media resource devoted to revitalizing Nebraska by helping regional NEWbraska is a regional consulting, training and media firm that helps businesses and communities in the state innovate and grow through cutting edge insights and hands-on assistance. The focus is uncovering the "wow factor" which differentiates an organization and reveals opportunities that attract top tier workers and eventually clogs brain drain. This dynamic can solve Nebraska's biggest problem - population decline and resultant high taxes.
  • What is unique about NEWbraska™?
    Economic development has changed its emphasis from site selection and grant writing to talent attraction - which requires redesigning the civic "product" and reaching out to the "buyer" which is usually a young professional who may have reservations about living and working in Nebraska. NEWbraska's Partner has transformed five industries including the development of the very first Value Menu for Taco Bell's ad agency, a billion dollar turnaround. He has worked successfully with both UNL and Creighton University. His online video work displaced Harvard and Wharton's videos. No other state in the US can emphasize "newness" like NEWbraska because of the first (promotionally-branded) syllable. This implies innovation in a singular fashion; this is key because Nebraska is ranked #46 in innovation. NEWbraska has a unique understanding of 50 million'UrbaNatural' knowledge workers. These talented people prefer an employee culture that fits their value system and serves the greater good. NEWbraska believes every company and community in the state must energize its brand by clarifying its own story and sharing it repeatedly by becoming its own media organization. NEWbraska can help local leaders succeed in video, podcasting, email newsletters, booklet publishing and other communication tactics that attract top tier workers. Finally, only NEWbraska offers high tech research ("DataBurst) that guarantees that every employee can provide input about critical issues that is equal to management input. DataBurst accelerates strategic decision-making and sets the stage for strategic planning, culture transformation and new product development.
  • What is the big picture benefit for members?
    NEWbraska delivers six "big-picture" benefits: The ability to... attract and retain young professional workers ("UrbaNaturals") who have the skills to drive growth and attract new employers. help Nebraska's business owners understand strategy, innovation and "kinetic" organizational structure so they can grow double-digit. help business owners (45,000) and HR professionals how to recreate their employee culture (and office environment) so as to improve productivity, cope with hybrid scheduling and lower staff turnover. provide affordable access to resources such as IT professionals (who can lower costs and simplify usage) and marketing professionals (who can spearhead sales growth). foster entrepreneurial culture in Nebraska - especially in rural areas surrounding communities of less than 5000 citizens - and empower start-ups, especially those driven by workers who are 50-plus age-wise. acknowledge the importance of positive psychology and mindfulness in the executive suite and the link between mental health among workers and the ability to grow, adapt and be resilient in the face of certain adversity.
  • Why would companies want to become members of NEWbraska™?
    Because they want to grow beyond what they have become, both at a professional and personal level. Because they can expand their marketplace and tap into the collective wisdom of other members. Because we're at a pivotal time in history and new ideas and relationships are strategically valuable. Because their brand can be polished by public relations pros who portray value in fresh ways. Because it will stir up inner passions and drive real change across the state.
  • What's the most important aspect of developing this business network?
    Alignment of the NEWbraska community around a shared vision of a desired future and the road map and key contributions required, market by market.
  • What are the key factors for success (KFS) for organizations in Nebraska?"
    Rapid learning among Nebraska's business owners is key. The willingness to look outside industry and geographic parameters to see how other organizations are adapting to changing conditions is invaluable. Related to that, the willingness to welcome outsiders and act on the new knowledge they may bring is critical. Internal diversity and cross-generational dialogue will enable organizations in Nebraska to adapt to change creatively. It is key to remember: change will always come, that is certain. But progress is uncertain. This is when creativity becomes the key factor for success. Nebraskans are historically self-reliant. But today's winners excel at creating alliances, partnerships, cross promotions and other forms of mutuality and interdependence. (This applies to civic leaders as well as business organizations.) Finally, differentiation is harder to develop than most owners in Nebraska realize. Once they develop a 'wow factor' to improve differentiation, the next step is achieving scale. This "two-step-dance" usually requires conducting research which 90% of the state's business owners have never done.
  • How does NEWbraska™ help attract customers to my business?
    Possibly interview your customers and find out why they aren't doing more business with you. Look for trends with which your core customer is already connected. This leads to a better understanding of motivational hot buttons. Develop a goal that is aggresive, but achieveble. Think about the right balance between brand messaging and promotional messaging. Think about the "usage occasion" that prompts product purchase. Determine if the environment, the pricing or the staff are helping or hurting sales. Identify competitors and examine their appeal and media mix. Create a short marketing plan that ensures messaging consistency and continuity. Ensure that the budget reflects the goal and the plan. Have a candid meeting with salespeople, if appropriate. Develop product photography (if appropriate) and allocate the right space on your website. Possibly, show the newly crafted product at a trade show where rapid input can be gathered. Send out email newsletters with educational material and a response mechanism. Pay special attention to those who open up the email twice or more. If appropriate, invest in online display advertising. 13 Hand out specially designed marketing material that links the product to a relevant trend or tech-innovation.
  • How are relationships between members developed?
    Every member is asked to speak to someone within the network once a week about the challenges or opportunities they are dealing with. The media articles on the site can provide a 'frame' for these calls. In addition, the forum page provides a way to get quick answers to sticky problems from other members. In addition, Zoom meetings help start constructive conversations. Each member can follow up with Zoom participants through the members-only Gallery to deepen and extend the dialogue that began on Zoom. Finally, there will be at least two conference-events to showcase and acknowledge progress/innovation.
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