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nobody else in nebraska

TRUST: One of this firm's partners generated one billion for Pepsico while surviving an earthquake.

TARGET: This firm knows what 50 million knowledge workers really want.

SKILLED: Nobody in Nebraska has comparable experience when it comes to "revitalization." 

DISCOVERY: This organization digs beneath the surface in two ways to reveal "hot" new strategies.

 BOTH: This company helps both business and civic leaders to innovate productively.

 PLACE: These professionals transform Main Street into "UrbaNatural" neighborhood "magnets."

 has this credibility

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Business Office

"One of NEWbraska's partners has consulted with business owners in 43 different industries. The resultant cross-fertilization of ideas and insights makes your involvement with this group productive and time-efficient. Watch the videos, below, to learn more.

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"Lynn, we've traveled across the country to thank you for your billion dollar contribution to Pepsico. Your development of Taco Bell's Value Menu has stolen millions from our two biggest competitors and changed our entire industry. Nobody else could have done this!" - Pepsico Sr. Managers









"Lynn's personal insight is second to none. His powerful and ENTERTAINING programming makes him a go-to for consultation on business pivoting, finding your SPARK, and changing your business model to fit our new economy. We will be inviting him back soon to do more educational programming for us!"  - SBDC leader, Colorado

"Not surprisingly, Lynn’s performance and insights were outstanding. Everyone in the audience gave him top marks or 'superior.' One audience member invented an extra high category for Lynn."  - Union President, Leadership training

“Lynn Hinderaker has an expanded world view and a transformational message.  He has a unique inspirational talent for uplifting others."   Corporate peer group facilitator

"I think at times we have blinders on and can't see outside of our own spectrum very well, that is why we need an individual such as Lynn Hinderaker." - Dave, trade association official

"What an awesome webinar yesterday, I've received nothing but positive feedback from all of our attendees! It was a very enjoyable experience and I can't wait to set up another call soon so we can discuss another webinar!" - SBDC Director, San Luis Valley, Colorado

"Lynn Hinderaker's energetic, engaging presentation opened our eyes to the segment of the consumer universe that is driving cultural change. He gave us actionable focus for the future.” - Vice President, PACE member services

"Your presentation was entertaining and mind-expanding. We need that now because we tend to keep on doing the same old things.” - Veteran real estate salesperson, NP Dodge

"I attended your training four months ago and want you to know it has changed the way I attract customers to my salon.” - Yolanda, salon owner, San Antonio

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