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Brand 101

Research proves that buyers will spend 19% more with companies that are part of a branded ecosystem. Membership in NEWbraska builds respect and increases revenues!

According to researcher David Drozd (Center for Public Affairs - UNO), Nebraska has lost millions and even billions of dollars over the last 10-20  years because over 2500 knowledge workers leave the state every year for greener pastures. These talented grads feel Nebraska’s business owners are too conservative and slow to innovate. Bottom line: Young employees want to spearhead new product development and leverage new technologies, but Nebraska’s business owners prefer the status quo.

Further, (according to Harvard Business Review) 81% of managers across the country  rate their personal performance as ‘excellent.’ However, only 8% of their employees agree! This startling research may explain why companies are having such difficulty getting employees back into the workplace. These two issues - a lack of innovation and the need for ‘new era’ management (less command and control, more empathy)  - suggests there is enormous opportunity for improvement in Nebraska. As a result of this generational research, NEWbraska™ was born.

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