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Accelerate your company. Accelerate your community.

Like many successful corporations, you have honed a stable, profitable, business recipe. However, Nebraska's chronic problems with slow population growth and brain drain - combined with Covid-19 - may indicate it's time to rethink your current operating model. 

To do so, you'll need new tools, new resources and new supporters. You may need to innovate to attract new customers and high quality employees. That's why we invite you to apply for membership in a statewide business revitalization movement aptly named NEWbraska™. 

Generate new sales revenues

Stimulate interest from talented workers

Build alliances and partnerships


Broaden your reputation statewide

Attract more prospects to your website

Link your brand to an expansive network

Tap into the NEWbraska wellspring to solve your problems.

Nervous about Covid? Get back in the groove with tips and trends from Nebraska's most foresighted companies. Introducing What's New!

NEWbraska™ is on a mission to showcase Nebraska's companies and entrepreneurs -particularly the innovations they are creating to disrupt the current market scenario. Our expertise in journalism, marketing, research, design, etc., helps us develop articles and podcasts that can bring people together around likely scenarios and critical choices. Share your thoughts: 402-208-5519

what's New!

what's New!

Management SHIFT!

Nebraska Reaches an Inflection Point

what's New!



Help Your Customers Realize Their Dreams


what's New!


A Stake in the Outcome:

Compensate Creatively;



what's New!



How to Be Optimistic Under Extreme Circumstances


"How do others use NEWbraska™ to achieve their goals?"

NEWbraska site background violet orange.
NEWbraska site background violet orange.

Uses NEWbraska's native advertising to educate prospects

Uses NEWbraska forum to get credible answers from peers.

Recruits and attends NEWbraska™ innovation events

Provide access to cutting edge business training

Help Nebraska firms become more interesting to young professionals.

Many well-known firms like Microsoft, John Deere, American Express, Cisco, Hermes, Marriott, GE, Intuit and many more are using helpful, long-form content ('native advertising') to attract customers instead of relying on traditional paid display ads.
Forbes magazine pioneered this form of paid messaging to help advertisers emphasize quality over quantity of exposures. Instead of interrupting the reader, branded articles fit into what the sales prospect is already looking for.
Here's why content marketing is becoming so popular:
• Increase in website traffic. content marketing leaders see 7.8 times higher year-over-year growth in unique site traffic. • More leads. Content marketing garners 3 times as many leads as paid search for every dollar spent. • Thought leadership. Brands who offer relevant, useful content are viewed as thought leaders in their industry, which helps to build brand trust and authority. • Higher conversion rates. Organizations who use content marketing see 6 times higher conversion rates. • Leaner budget. According to Demand Metric, it costs 62 percent less to launch and maintain a content marketing campaign than any other type of campaign. • More attention on your brand. 20 percent of the time users are on the internet, they’re consuming content.
When the NEWbraska™ team creates your monthly content, two goals matter: 
1. provide information that turns mere customers into evangelists for your brand;
2. create a pattern of sales, upsells and referrals that generate long term profits.
When prospects read your content on the NEWbraska site and then go to your site to learn more, they will be prepared to buy. 

The NEWbraska™ Value Commitment

Help members become more attractive to sales prospects

Emphasize innovation, a growth mindset and start up thinking as discussed in Eric Ries' book

Make it easy for businesses across the state to connect and collaborate

Get Higher Quality Sales Leads By Using NEWbraska's Branded and Affordable Content Marketing 

Square Stage


"Nebraska drops from the top five states in Forbes’ Best States for Business ranking for the first time since 2014. Its growth prospects have shrunk with low expectations for job growth."


No wonder 3000 of our best and brightest leave the state every year! This trend impacts your business directly and in many ways.


Action is needed at the grassroots level to move Nebraska forward now. Because the Covid-19 crisis lingers, many business leaders like you are uncertain about the next chapter.


We've developed a fully-integrated online system/community to help business owners bounce-back energetically and sustain their growth. The Omaha World Herald has published essays about it: "A JOLT OF ENERGY."


Please enjoy the brief video about 'NEWbraska™."


"It's been confirmed yet again. Nebraska's approach to keeping and attracting talent, especially tech-oriented talent, is "conventional and unimaginative...


...It's not going to work."

When we asked young professionals why they were leaving Nebraska and what they wanted from the companies and communities in our state, we heard one word again and again:




Nebraska's young professionals want:

…to help spearhead new products and services.

New downtown experiences and aesthetics.

A new willingness to experiment.

A new receptivity to outsiders.

New ways to unleash employee potential.

New opportunities to grow as a person, not just a worker.

New positions (such as Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Culture Officer or Chief Customer Officer).

New commitments to the environment, diversity and the "greater good."

Interest in weaving "higher purpose" into a company's way of operating.


Local business owners would agree: "It’s simply not possible to be good in our industry and be content with the way things are. We need something new." A new focus on what is truly unique.


These high-demand, high-wage people suggest that Nebraskans consider new ways to solve interconnected, "wicked" problems.


It's a mindset that is built around 'New.'


When local officials protest that these things are "not in the budget," our best young people simply shrug, finish packing their bags and head to Denver, Kansas City, Chicago…wherever they receive new projects, attention, resources, vision, etc.


The point of NEWbraska is to help business owners bounce-back energetically from the pandemic crisis, grow sales cost-efficiently and connect with others like them - sharing and learning.  It begins with a mindset  - what author Eric Ries calls 'start up thinking.'


This kind of positive activity - documented and promoted on the NEWbraska platform - will catch the eye of high skill workers and talented young professionals who have left the state but may be open to returning.


If you understand this system and have a stake in your community's future, we invite you to START SOMETHING NEW - to accelerate your firm and accelerate your community. We invite you to become part of a matrix (the word 'network' is simply not powerful enough) that can create new energy, new opportunities and new outcomes.


Besides, NEWbraska is only $550 per month to be a member; reduced to $350 for first phase members.

The number of days it takes for your body to replace one billion cells.


The number of words in the Omaha World Herald essay about NEWbraska.


The percentage of your gross revenue that the SBA recommends you spend on marketing.


The number (in thousands) of small businesses with employees in Nebraska.


Architectural Structure

DataBurst Decision Research

Make strategic decisions with greater clarity and confidence. High tech tool enables you to work with small groups to gain precise feedback about community priorities, new projects, funding allocations and much more. You'll present with credibility to stakeholders and local officials. Use the form, below.

Learn more about Databurst Research Systems. See form.
This cutting edge decision-making technology uses cumulative input from small groups of people in and around your organization. These people are asked tough questions about your future or issues that are slowing progress. As one layer of input is linked graphically to the previous groups' input, members become more thoughtful and discerning in their response. This is exactly what you need: well rounded and fully considered input that can be explained graphically. Armed with DataBurst reports, you are well-armed to make solid recommendations and move from discussions to action. DataBurst is the catalyst. Move forward with clarity and confidence!
Request more background on DataBurst

How does qualitative research feedback become quantitative research feedback?

Transformational technology helps.

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