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NEWbraska Partners are not just consultants, coaches or trainers. They are 'waymakers' and pathfinders. They don't adapt to the future. They create the future. They don't merely play the game.
They reinvent the game.

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What does success look like after you've embraced the NEW IS NOW /NEW IS YOU money-back growth system? Quantum results!

request the newbraska manifesto. it will raise your eyebrows.

These are the most common  business problems in America today. NEWbraska can help you solve them.
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How to launch new product offerings that offset inflationary issues
How to intensify customer acquisition while conserving cash
How to retain dispirited or disengaged workers
How to turn every interaction with a customer into an experience
How to increase talent development and upskilling through training
How to build innovation into your system to bolster profits

Call to discuss: 402-208-5519


NEWbraska is a community-building consulting firm that helps business owners grow sales, attract workers and make their Nebraska community more vital and energetic. Escort your customers onto the NEWbraska platform to serve them better and lock-in steady, relationship-driven profits.

As soon as your prospects or employees hear you use the word, 'NEWbraska,' they will immediately assume you are a forward-thinking business leader who embraces change and innovation. This first impression can catapult you to the 'front of the line' when you are recruiting top talent or asking a buyer for the order.

You cannot bore a prospect into buying your product. That's why no word in business is more powerful than the word 'new.' Your key factor for success is introducing 'newness' into your operation so you can always be ahead of the pack. Embrace fresh strategies from NEWbraska; new profits will follow.


"At this particular point in time, it is crucial for all companies - from large firms to startups - to launch new products." 


Unfortunately, 70% of business owners find it difficult to build new and innovative ideas on their own, while 68% say they want more advice from peers.


But exactly why does the problem exist? Business owners struggle with loneliness, creativity and ideation. These are really what block companies from launching new products.


This is why membership in NEWbraska can be so helpful. Our firm helps business owners succeed with relationships, research, strategy, innovation, education, value-creation, training, development, outreach, branding and alliances. We have proof of our experience in each of these realms.

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"Today's most sought-after business talent is the ability to originate."- Craig Wynett, Proctor and Gamble.
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New product development. New partnerships. New technology. New ways of attracting workers. New processes for getting things done. New employee culture. New hybrid office format. New messaging to prospects. New model for creating value. New leadership style. New types of end users. New brand experience.

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Technological change presents complex problems that will require Nebraska's decision makers — educators; national, regional, and local government administrators as well as business leaders — to come together. Now it is time to build a movement, in which companies and communities around the state join together to create the next wave of human capability.

nebraska's businesses are embracing renewal.
here's why and how




Drive progress, empower the future with DataBurst, the high-tech, grassroots research system. Make safe, consensus-based decisions using exclusive tool. Actionable insights propel forward motion. Facilitator included.


$1,795 for any group up to 50 participants. Subsequent, related groups half price.
NEWbraska members: $1,250 with half-price ($625) per group thereafter for related research discussions.

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