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record-breaking expertise generates trust and traction

Identify your toughest problem or most challenging opportunity. You can move forward confidently knowing that NEWbraska has already been-there-done-that. The historical "slam-dunks" (below) illustrate the breadth and power of our contribution. Call 402-208-5519.

Brought urban and rural children together for the second time in history, lessening racial tension among 38 million kids and pioneering the diversity movement.
Spearheaded the development of the
first Value Menu for Taco Bell, the most dramatic turnaround in the history of fast food.

Created videos for UNL that out-performed Harvard, Wharton, MIT and Stanford on iTunes University.

Wrote an article that was distributed to psychotherapists around the world.

Hosted 100 business and economic development TV shows (Youtube).

As a speaker to the beauty industry, kept 100 stylists on the edge of their seats for six (6) hours.
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NEWbraska is a movement built around the quest for double-digit growth, creating a culture that attracts reliable workers and attracting talent to vital, energetic communities. 

Become involved with the NEWbraska movement  with a monthly fee of only


  1. Form referral partnerships

  2. Attend exciting mixers at NO CHARGE

  3. Receive actionable  insider tips from  newsletter and TV show

  4. Receive 30 minute advice sessions once every quarter.

NEWBRASKa solves the Problems that prevent fast forward growth 

problem #1

Matching the energy and vision of the Boss to the scope and pace of the business - especially when your industry is experiencing change.

problem #4

Marketing and sales: Getting your product or service in front of the right people can be a challenge.Strategy and target marketing require openness to new ideas.

problem #2

Your community is not growing because leaders don't know who they are trying to attract and what those people want. This makes it hard to adapt strategically.

problem #5

Lack of internal communication and coordination can hurt quality and customer service. If process and people are out of sync, it can hurt your reputation.

Problem #3

Workforce is a big problem. Recruiting and turnover are expensive. Talent strategy and culture are often missing.

problem #6

Leadership: Many business owners are not up to speed on how to collaborate and really "connect" with Gen Y and Gen Z workers. Stress is everywhere.

Business development

Grow sales revenues, attract new customers, reframe your value proposition and clarify your brand with exciting design, copywriting and media.

Culture development

Attract and retain talented workers, restructure your system for greater productivity, motivate employees, receive hands- on managerial coaching

Strategy and innovation

Rethink what your company could become. Find new ways to grow market share or serve entirely new segments.Know where you;'re going and how to get there.

Beyond Me to We: TeamFirst

Pull your team together around shared values. Foster interdependence, empathy and support. Minimize politics and reward teamwork. Move towards WE.

Eliminate toxic culture
Boost productivity
Be-your-best-self system
Learn about FutureForce

Build a new era culture


Are you interested in NEWbraska? Simply share your contact information here.

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 Make better small group decisions with DataBurst, a high tech research system

Make safe, consensus-based decisions using exclusive tool. Actionable insights propel forward motion. Facilitator included.


$1,795 for any group up to 50 participants. Subsequent, related groups half price.
NEWbraska members: $1,250 with half-price ($625) per group thereafter for related research discussions.


Your network in Nebraska will bring the most innovative companies together. Your meetings will foster meaningful conversations, and break down industry silos, and spur change in companies and products. Together we can solve problems in a NEW way.

As you do new product launches, new brand outreach, and fresh content stories, you can collaborate with a team of media and marketing experts trying to solve the same NEW puzzles. Think videos, articles, podcasts, events and social media. NEWBRASKA collaborators can help you to succeed in innovative ways.

There are so many marketing channels and tools, it's hard to deliver seamless, cross channel messaging campaigns. Within this ecosystem, you can deliver powerful customer experiences without wasting time, budget, and customer opportunities. Campaign planning, designing creative and execution are totally aligned.

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