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Welcome to the NEWbraska Partners Mar 28 FREE Innovation Event -
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new is now: revitalize your company and uncover new markets that leverage your company's vision and skill

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67% of all business owners are not confident that they have the right strategy going forward in 2023. This 90-minute, FREE workshop gives attendees a variety of new, innovative strategies that will a) energize your culture, b) clarify how to launch new products and services that give you an edge and 3) attract workers who want more purpose and meaning in their careers.

You'll meet other activists in the Omaha, Nebraska, area. Each of them want a fast and eye-opening summary of innovative tactics that will drive progress. 

Your trainer is the man who co-created the very first Value Menu in the history of fast food for Taco Bell's ad agency 30 years ago. The man who positively impacted 38 million urban youth in all 50 states. The man who pushed UNL to number 1 on iTunes University after only two months, beating Harvard and Wharton! Lynn Hinderaker hosts the only economic development TV show in Nebraska. He has been a 'battery and a flashlight' for over 40 companies. His creative collaboration and planning abilities are unsurpassed.

are you an activist who has concerns about the future? reserve your seat for this early evening event, below. 

Come to Swanson Library at 6:30 PM on 90th and Dodge in Omaha.

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