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your employees and customers want fresh thinking and culture

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  1. Only 37% of all business owners are comfortable with their current strategy.

  2. 68% want more advice.

  3. 70% find it difficult to "build new ideas."                                     

These three statistics from Harvard Business Review point to the importance of forming a relationship with NEWbraska, a statewide, full service consulting and training firm devoted to strategic innovation, executive development and community revitalization.


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How to respond?

Any responsible businessperson in Nebraska can and should be involved with NEWbraska through events and mixers, research, strategic planning, education, transformational partnerships, mindset coaching and project implementation.
Pull your team together often to discuss challenging or complex issues using DataBurst, a high tech research tool that enables consensus and good decisions.
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Showcase what's new and exciting at your organization by attending NEW IS NOW, a fun mixer-event that drives sales increases. No charge for any company affiliated with NEWbraska.
Opportunities for Chambers: Revitalize membership by providing affordable training and counsel to local business owners. Quickly become more relevant.
Join the Roundtable Impact Council, a mastermind peer-group of executives who help each other succeed through monthly meetings. Only $350 / mo.
Roll out new products and services based on research with your customers. Learn what they want and react NOW.
Demonstrate your commitment to employees who want to grow. Bring in credible trainers, upgrade skills and help them craft a new career path.
Innovation training can be a breakthrough experience because new products can set you apart, bolster margins and increase market share. 
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Your strategic plan is critical, but many firms don't have one. Begin with your business model, then proceed with a big, hairy, audacious goal. Finally, examine all the ways you could create value. Let us help you design the way forward.
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Why are our taxes high? Because we can't attract young professionals. What do they care about ? Innovation. What do 45,000 businesses in Nebraska struggle with? Innovation.
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24 pages of dynamite. what nebraska's execs are reading now. 

Call to learn more about 90 Minutes to Takeoff: 402-208-5519

Fill out this form if you are interested in becoming part of the NEWbraska 'movement.' You will grow organizationally, competitively and professionally...or your money back!*

*refers to the last monthly consulting or coaching fee
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