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These Three Problems Must Be Solved. Don't Wait.

Lynn Hinderaker is the Founder of NEWbraska, an unusual consulting and training firm devoted to innovation and revitalizing the state of Nebraska.

Lynn has transformed eight (8) industries and worked in over 40 industries. He is also a TV talk show host and professional speaker. His partner, Lee Myers, Managing Partner, drives implementation systemically.


If your company is struggling to grow revenue or attract reliable workers, we have several ways to attack this issue.

If your municipal leaders are unclear about who they are trying to attract to your community or what these people really want from your city,  you're on the right website.

Finally, if your team members seem disengaged or demoralized, tap into NEWbraska's insight into mind-states, thinking patterns and negative emotions.


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88% of all companies brag about themselves at the top of their website home page. newbraska is different. we focus on your problems on our home page.

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Fast, personal response to business and  community problems: 402-208-5519

there is no reason to 'live with' any of these problems. contact us today.

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struggling with these issues ? research with customers and employees is key! unlock the door.

No matter what is happening in your operation, you can afford to be part of the NEWbraska Network. Unlike most membership directories and listings, NEWbraska members help each other deal with challenges and competitors. Members learn to "fly higher"- turning new into now and now into wow. Prices start at $9/mo.

As a $99 per month "Dynamo"-member of  NEWbraska, you'll receive invaluable personalized advice regularly. If you're a "Champion," you'll attend "Mindset Matters" - a small group meeting that helps attendees lead with self-awareness and confidence. As a NEWbraska "Warrior," you'll sponsor the state's only economic development TV show and newsletter that goes to 9,000 readers . As a $9 per-month "Go-Getter," you'll receive the chance to "introduce" yourself to NEWbraska event attendees in a three-minute event stand-up. You'll soon be part of the NEWbraska system while evolving at a comfortable financial pace.
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Do not be left out. Call 402-208-5519 to learn more.

custom services
from newbraska

 Make smart group decisions using databurst
cutting edge technology

not available anywhere else in the us!

Each of the buyers (below) has a different view of your company. We help you listen to each of them and weave their ideas into your organizational focus. Suddenly, "feedback" becomes "feedforward."

strategy and innovation

Olivia Walker

Executive VP

Dan Mitchell 

Economic developer

Tess Andersen

Sales manager

Noah Patterson

HR staffer and recruiter

strategy and value innovation

Today's strategists must link their company to long term trends. Key questions: "How does our company define success?" "What is the purpose and vision? Would our customers agree?" NEWbraska helps you answer these questions based on research and design thinking.

Like the state of Nebraska, NEWbraska Partners is a multifaceted organization, full of color and surprise. Click on any picture block, below, to understand how we make creativity, collaboration and convergence work to super-charge profit, knowledge and joy.

These Two "Truth-Bombs"Will Help You Focus on What Matters Most Right Now


Do you feel overwhelmed, behind the curve? Could an outsider cut through inertia? Do you wish you could accelerate your team? Watch!

Do you have a "wow factor" in your business or community? Are you clear on why NEWbraska exists? How can towns attract the young people who are going to Utah or Idaho? WHAT IS NEW?

Ask us to help you foster creative collaboration among your teammates. Perfect for strategic planning, cultivating big ideas and fostering innovation value.

NEWbraska understands your problem. 30 years of experience makes it easier to solve your problems quickly, thus saving you money.

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Nebraskas two big problems_edited.jpg
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popular postings from newbraska's thought leaders (vote on your favorite)



 Make better small group decisions with DataBurst, a high tech research system

Make safe, consensus-based decisions using exclusive tool. Actionable insights propel forward motion. Facilitator included.


$1,795 for any group up to 50 participants. Subsequent, related groups half price.
NEWbraska members: $1,250 with half-price ($625) per group thereafter for related research discussions.


Your network in Nebraska will bring the most innovative companies together. Your meetings will foster meaningful conversations, and break down industry silos, and spur change in companies and products. Together we can solve problems in a NEW way.

As you do new product launches, new brand outreach, and fresh content stories, you can collaborate with a team of media and marketing experts trying to solve the same NEW puzzles. Think videos, articles, podcasts, events and social media. NEWBRASKA collaborators can help you to succeed in innovative ways.

There are so many marketing channels and tools, it's hard to deliver seamless, cross channel messaging campaigns. Within this ecosystem, you can deliver powerful customer experiences without wasting time, budget, and customer opportunities. Campaign planning, designing creative and execution are totally aligned.

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