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NEWbraska pricing
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Two big questions for entrepreneurs, start-ups and free agents: 1) Are you connected to what's happening now? 2) Are you learning? Dive into the NEWbraska Network if you aspire to next-level thinking. Stay in the loop by subscribing.
Many supervisors, team leaders and department heads are drifting in their careers, unclear about their next move or what skills they need to cultivate. NEWbraska's mentors can help them foster an executive mindset that includes disciplined, creative thinking and emotional intelligence.

You can still be involved with NEWbraska without the consulting or coaching

ONLY $29 per month
for corporate access into the business ecosystem but without outreach nor company-specific consulting services.
  • Forum of members
  • Zoom training
  • Member collaboration
  • Exposure in NEW Momentum
  • WOWBIZ Nebraska TV publicity *
  • Inspiration in the face of adversity

FREE Corporate Publicity for NEWbraska Members

You're treated like a hero on Nebraska's only economic development program.

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Every new member receives a 14-minute interview or a no-charge three minute sponsorship on WOWBIZ Nebraska (seen three times per week on cable with 100,000 subscribers) plus placement on YouTube for free publicity about your firm - perfect for easier recruiting and prospecting.

FREE Services for NEWbraska's Corporate Members

Enjoy a Good ROI By Allocating Budget to a Sustainable Engagement with NEWbraska's Waymakers 


1. Cultivate an outside perspective: A common mistake companies make is to rely on employees from the organization to staff new ventures. They are usually grounded in work processes and decision-making patterns that may be dysfunctional to innovation projects. A proven alternative is to set up a second team that runs parallel to the operating group.
2. A teachable point of view on growth: You must lay out some time to codify the knowledge you gain while working with NEWbraska. Think about how to explain ideas, values, your energy and 'leadership edge.' These two decisions drive future growth.
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Dynamic Group Research Events
Individual Membership Levels

Indivdual Membership

Individual Level 1: FREE

Participation in six workshops with NEWBRASKA’s DATABURST technology with interactive participation by each person – either in person or remotely online; workshops that will make sense of complex problems around NEWbraska with collective, sensible solutions.

Individual Level 2: $19

Participation in six in-person interactive workshops with a light food buffet at an Omaha restaurant (a DATABURST session which also will be open to online participants).

Individual Level 3: $29

Participation in six in-person interactive workshops with a light food buffet at an Omaha restaurant PLUS receive written summaries of the data gathered at the DATABURST sense making sessions.

Individual Level 4: $49

Participation in the DATABURST workshops, receive the written summaries of the data PLUS have a seat at a Community Summit where the data will be presented to City, County and Civic leaders to hear their action plans.

- Free Benefits of a NEWbraska Membership -

1. The Q&A forum enables you to query members for fast answers to sticky problems. Saves time, lowers stress.

2. Zoom networking and training once a month. Topics announced via invitation-email in advance. Participatory, insightful.

3. NEW Momentum magazine highlights innovation across Nebraska as well as trends and dynamic business personalities. Edgy and educational for leaders who are readers.

4. WOWBIZ Nebraska is a thoughtful and energetic TV show that showcases innovation across Nebraska. Members are interviewed, then placed on YouTube.

5. Informal or formal collaboration and interaction is critical. Share ideas with a mastermind-ecosystem of peers who value each others' input. You're never alone.

6. Leading a company through the post-Covid crisis can be overwhelming. Remember, the bigger the purpose we sign up for in life, the harder the falls that we encounter will be. Through a complementary newsletter and videos, we'll support your quest.

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