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how it works

Inspire employees

When companies pull together in an online

platform, they can learn faster, create more value, redefine their brand, attract high skill talent and form partnerships. 


NEWbraska™ blends those benefits together on a regional level for only $550* monthly ($350 for six months for the first 50 pre-launch members).

NEWbraska™ provides affordable access to cutting edge insights, customer development, alliances, e-recruiting, reputation management and fast-forward learning, all in the name of revitalization, economic vitality and DOING GREAT STUFF. 

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$550 / *350 mo.


$250 / mo.

$15 / yr.




NEWbraska's Full Impact members typically run good operations, but lack the time and experience needed to develop new products and services. 

Your employees serve customers well, but think little about how to create extra value or expand their influence. 

If this is relevant, your firm is critical to the revitalization of business in Nebraska. You'll enjoy access to carefully curated articles that will help you see how other businesses are creating value in this post-pandemic period. You'll receive help optimizing your brand on the web, thus lowering your cost of acquiring new customers and intensifying your cash flow.

Other Full Impact benefits:

Rapid learning from an e-mail newsletter;

Action orientation on projects;

Involvement in educational events;

Exposure to the trends driving demand;

Access to training that inspires change, leadership and strategic acceleration;

Exposure to Eric Ries' Lean Start-Up book and related ideas.

Community associations
Professionally written articles that attract member prospects and have your community brand 'embedded' in the content, quarterly.
One FREE business training session per year.
Television and Youtube publicity coverage via WOWBIZ Nebraska.
Access to articles and podcasts that will help you attract young member-prospects. 
Involvement in educational events, if desired

Today's young business-people are drifting away from formal associations because they can quickly organize peer groups online at lower cost. Business associations and trade groups can adjust strategically by joining NEWbraska™ at a reduced price.

You'll never lack programming material and potential committee members if your organization joins NEWbraska™.  In addition, you will receive a well-written 'advertorial' about your organization and community once a year. This will help build traffic to your website and associate your NGO with statewide growth and shared vision.

Young business-people relate to 'movements,' social responsibility and teamwork. They want to be near the front of the parade, but lack confidence about attitude and behavior in the professional world. NEWbraska can help you attract these workers and help them evolve.

Sole proprietors

Freelancers, coaches, consultants and aspiring entrepreneurs are often catalysts for newness and innovation. These are the qualities we need in Nebraska. These people are in touch with the end-users' changing motivations and perceptions. 


Though they may lack resources, they may have more vision than all other NEWbraska members combined. De Novo members understand this powerful piece of advice:

"Fail faster, succeed sooner."

Professionally-written articles that attract sales prospects and have your company 'embedded' in the content, monthly.
TV coverage about your company that is also posted on YouTube
Structured interaction with other members monitored and rewarded with extra publicity at no charge
Email address enables cross-platform commerce
Members-only forum provides gives your firm a new way to announce and discuss "new job available."
Professional training about change, innovation, strategy, leadership, culture and business development made available (*incremental fee);
Alliances and partnerships can broaden your influence and lower costs
Educational events showcase new thinking and innovation opportunities
Monthy newsletter curates insights from Harvard Business Review and Fast Company that save time and deepen your credibility
Opportunity to be interviewed on WOWBIZ Nebraska and YouTube.
Attend NEWbraska educational and networking events.