NEW Visions

Think Like an Innovator

Brain drain and Covid-19 are slowing the growth of your firm. A new type of business community can help you turn things around.


NEWbraska™ is more than a group. It is a statewide business ecosystem that creates new opportunities, new relationships and new momentum. By blending a Linkedin type of site with a magazine and a forum that help you solve problems fast, you begin to think like a start up and regain momentum. 

Innovation is what attracts top talent, but it cannot flourish without synchronicity - the capacity to make unusual connections. The NEWbraska platform will provide access to those unusual connections.

NEWbraska Provides 7 Solutions to Financial Problems:

  1. branded journalistic content locks in profits

  2. access to other high-quality leaders

  3. rapid learning through free online training

  4. innovation coaching and assistance with new offerings

  5. potential alliances and collaborative ventures

  6. creative approaches to recruiting

  7. e-newsletter stimulates entrepreneurial mindset