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NEW Profits

Protect your base. Build a loyal brand community

Every business owner knows: a loyal customer is invaluable. But the web makes it easy to switch from one vendor to another in a matter of minutes. Companies offer loyalty programs built around points, but redeeming awards can be technically awkward. That's why 96 percent of all customers agree that loyalty programs should be improved. NEWbraska provides a breakthrough solution: build a mini-community around your corporate brand 'on top' of the NEWbraska platform that makes it easy to share thoughts meaningfully. Both you and your customers will receive a 'newbraska' email address so you can connect privately and fluidly. Get rapid feedback from your customers about product or pricing changes. Invite them to post their thoughts within the NEWbraska blog area. Most important, focus on new, emerging industry trends that are changing your future. That's how to innovate in a way that attracts top tier employees. Co-create!
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