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NEWbraska’s leadership team has experience at the bleeding edge of customer development, organizational innovation and leadership. They also excel at helping executives make tough decisions about allocating resources and battling competition. NEWbraska Partners utilize new product development, automation, systemized outreach, precise targeting, high conversion landing pages, branded journalism, employee marketing, email and many other tools to differentiate your firm to both buyers and workers. 


Most importantly, they ask questions that will help you discover the fastest route to a future that is being redefined as you read this.

The podcast below illustrates the insights that emerge from within NEWbraska.

What does Content Marketing spend look like from NEWbraska?

Head-Turning Video Production


40% of consumers state that a video increases the chance that they'll purchase a product on their mobile device. Better yet, Companies that use video are growing their revenue 49% faster than those that don't.

Here’s why:

60% of viewers will drop off after two minutes; as a result of this statistic, the videos from NEWbraska are less than two minutes. These videos grab and sustain the viewer's attention, bringing them into your sales funnel.

These head-turning videos are fueled by creativity, big ideas, metaphors and music. They surprise, then educate. Starting at $395 per month, they cost about one third of what a corporate video usually costs.

Video Production

Podcast Interviews

Podcast audio content gives listeners the ability to dive into topics without having to set aside time to read or watch a video. NEWbraska podcasts offer articles in smaller eight-minute chunks - perfect for daily commutes or busy routines.

Imagine listening to a smooth, relaxing voice like Morgan Freeman’s. You’d be hanging on every word; NEWbraska podcaster Lynn Hinderaker has the same mellow voice, but Lynn also is a super-energetic interviewer whose training interviews outperformed iTunes podcasts from Harvard, MIT, Stanford and Wharton! Lynn’s interviews help you sound even smarter than you already are! When paired with short videos, they drive soft

prospects deeper into your sales funnel. Only $695 for both on a monthly basis.

Working With Headphones
Branded Journalism

Branded Journalism

Advertorials are incredible tools for generating leads and sales because they explain the how and why in a specific, detailed way.

They allow NEWbraska members to sell a product while telling a story in a journalistic style that offers value.

Compare the advertorial in a magazine like New Momentum to the average blog post on any website.

Those blogs try to be sly about their intentions while sneaking a sales-link into the verbiage. There’s no need to be coy about selling something as long as the content shares helpful information.

Advertorials get around this by confidently discussing a product and its benefits, but not neglecting the reader. In fact, the best advertorials emphasize the reader’s problem or industry trends.

Infographics and other useful tidbits are presented along with it; otherwise, the advertorial would be a standard advertisement. It would lose its authoritative tonality. It would clearly be biased.

Advertorials are the perfect type of content to offer the prospect when you want to promote a product, but not lose educational value. Advertorials foster respect and intelligent conversations about your product - a perfect set up a detailed sales dialogue.

Priced in combination with the video and podcast, only $995 per month for all three – a 70% reduction in typical creative development fees. This potent media will enable you to sprint toward your sales growth goals, market by market.

Reading a Newspaper
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