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Tsui Ling Toomer speaks freely about Omaha

Big-giant Design Studio

Located in the Mastercraft Building of Millwork Commons

At a gathering in The Dock of Millwork Commons, Tsui Ling Toomer praised Omaha as a place of quiet freedom offering many opportunities. She talked about AR VR non-linear story telling and ways to strengthen video pieces and education by finding and working with the right people.

Since locating her company and herself in Omaha, she said she feels the year 2022 will be very good. She looks to make people happy, to create opportunities, to create jobs and to change perspectives.

Sitting and being interviewed by Jeff Slobotski of Millworks, she related her history of moving with her family to Omaha for her father's tour at Offutt and then returning to attend Creighton University before going to film school in New York City.

She displayed her beliefs and video samples for not being one-dimensional. Monthly conversations are planned at The Dock of Millwork Commons.

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