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Quantum Shift: Can Nebraska's Business and Civic Leaders Take the Next Step Forward?

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

It has become undeniably clear that a quantum shift is needed today from our current business and civic life; we need to move from a traditional reality that is based on separation, competition, and conflict to one based on interdependence, cooperation, and unity.

Such a shift needs to come from a deep understanding and experience of the essential truths of our business and civic existence; it cannot be a superficial change at the outer levels alone with just a technological, political or legislative fix.

We need to go beyond old authorities and dogmas—beyond divisions of culture, religion, race, and gender— and join together to draw upon the deepest truths of our unity—with each other, with Nebraska's nature, and with the whole field of existence, visible and invisible—to create a new paradigm of business, lifestyle, municipal and personal development.

Indeed, we need to create a 'new world of engagement' so as to offer customers and workers a fresh pursuit of unique value beyond our present imagining.

Introducing the NEWbraska Network.

Many Nebraskans are aware today that we are in the throes of a great paradigm shift. We are experiencing the labor pains of a new birth, a new phase in evolution that goes beyond technology and ARPA funds.

What is needed is a spiritual revolution on the broadest scale. This time, however, the revolution will not be through the agency of one outstanding individual, but through the collective synergy of men and women together. An essential part of this mental and organizational shift is the resurgence of the feminine principles of interconnection and integration.

This is why involvement with the NEWbraska Network should be a strategic priority for most of the 45,000 businesses (with employees) in our fair state.

To learn more or get involved at some level, contact NEWbraska Partners at 402-208-5519.

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