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How to Create a More Innovative and Effective Business Model

Updated: Jul 15

Rethink modifications to your operating model and the value it offers to customers.

As your company proceeds from the startup stage, the model often changes due to new opportunities, new competitive threats or simply because the company learns more about what your customers truly need.

Stay on top of how your business and your competitors create, deliver and capture value.

1: Value Proposition Innovation. Make sure your value proposition is simple

2: Pricing Innovation

3: Customer Acquisition Innovation

4: User Experience Innovation

5: Profit Model Innovation

6: Channel Innovation

Look for impnroved alignment:

  1. Aligned: creating internal and external consistency

  2. Align internally to provide customer value

  3. Align externally with partners through “open” business models

  4. Use existing assets and capabilities

How to think through new business models and choose the one for you

1. Take Advantage Of Major Trends

Markets are always changing — but sometimes, major trends affect all the markets. A prime example of this is the “sharing economy” - a term that refers to the new widespread inclination towards sharing vehicles (Uber), workspace (WeWork), and homes (AirBNB). Many new businesses hopped onto this trend with new business models.

2. Know what business you're really in. “If you’re going on-and-off-focus on your brand and shifting away from your model to be all things to all people, you’re going to fail.” She makes sure her business never strays from what it does best: micro-weddings - which means they say no to traditional weddings. This pronounced clarity helps their overall brand.

3. Understand your customer and what 'drives' them. Be sure to take advantage of research already out there about your target customer. Consider hiring a third party to conduct private, one on one interviews with current and past customers. This can provide huge and often surprising insights.

4. Donate to the underserved through your customer. Use your linkage with that group to differentiate your operation. “We know from research that people are most motivated to help when they feel a connection to those whom they’re helping.” What are some ways that you can donate your service or a unit of your product? Not only is it an admirable action to commit to from a philanthropic standpoint, but it can also help your customer understand the benefit of your product and service.

The NEWbraska Consulting Team is available to lead your team through a business model innovation exercise. This can be a clarifying, strategic team process that unveils opportunities for innovation and competitive differentiation. Contact for pricing and details.

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