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How Salespeople and Entrepreneurs Can Overcome Relentless Rejection and Loss of Hope

TURN ON THE JUICE! What does it mean?

Companies often hire firms like NEWbraska to create awareness about their goods and services. They want to FAMILIARIZE the public with the features and benefits. But if their company has been around awhile, it is so familiar, it is easily ignored. We've seen it so often, we dismiss it. So we need to DE-FAMILIARiZE it, to help people see it differently. When they see it differently, they’ll think differently about it…and perhaps, think differently about themselves as well.

Having said that, I propose to you:

This orange is not a mundane piece of fruit that cost 49 cents. This is your life - and it is priceless.

The peeling is your persona, what you wheel out to the world everyday. It must be pleasing, distinctive and consistent despite the suffering you've endured throughout your life that leaves scars on your psyche, if not on the exterior. The peeling is how you talk, the words you use, your reference points, your coloring, your wardrobe, your home and car, your position on the totem pole, your hairstyle and business card. These are the elements that go into the packaging of your personal brand.

The pulp is your resume, your skill set, your history, your achievements. Each segment represents a piece of you. This is the substance, the meat. The segments are held together by a single idea or concept, perhaps a defining moment or a distinctive point of view that unifies your segments or pieces. If you don't recall a defining moment or point of view, you should go deep and find one, create one.

Most people think this is the end of the story about your career, your life, and the end of our story about fruit. But when life squeezes you, pushes you, rubs you, rocks you and rolls you, you discover that you have something else inside, something that the world wants from you, something that is deeper than your persona, something that refreshes everyone around you, something that is healthful and healing. Something that is difficult to get your hands around, but the effects of it are tangible, rock solid, concrete.

That something is juice, your life force, your chi, your most basic and transcendent energy. Your vital essence, the most authentic part of you.

Your juice is what makes people say, “He’s my choice. I can feel it in my gut.” Your juice courses through your intuitive apparatus, connecting you with others and with a sense of destiny. When someone says, “We’re all in this together,” it is the juice inside of you that resonates with that. When you turn on the juice, your sense of separateness dissolves. When you’ve got the juice, you’re doing the right thing, whether or not it serves your individual needs at the moment. You’re serving a higher purpose. Your intentions are not self serving, they are always for the greater good. Because you’re part of the greater good. That deep down conviction alone will stir up the juice inside.

Juice is the taste of you, the lingering flavor of the special person you have always been. Juice is what animates you. It is where your passion comes from. It is where your real power comes from. It is what makes your life story interesting. It is what shapes word of mouth. It is your fuel injector, your high-performance engine. Juice goes beyond rational intelligence, beyond emotional intelligence, beyond adaptive intelligence. It is your most permanent intelligence and it never goes away.

Juice is the prime moving force that vitalizes your inner experience. It is the spilling over effect of all that is. It creates as it is created.

Juice is the intangible that gives vitality and validity to your inner multidimensional self. Juice is the great giving that is behind all dimensions of existence.

Juice enlarges your perception and the perceptions of those around you until you experience as many other aspects as possible of reality.

When you turn on the juice, you will be swept along in a gestalt of comprehension in which you realize your own oneness with God or All That Is. It has a unifying effect. As a result, you will feel less isolated and less set apart.

I’ll tell you a secret.

When properly nurtured, juice extends beyond your body. It is the energy that precedes you when you enter a room. It's the taste of you, the lingering flavor of the special person you have always been. Juice is what animates you. It is where your passion comes from. Where your most important truth comes from, where your natural charisma comes from. It’s truth with traction.

Juice is always there for you. It permeates everything. If your career involves reaching out to strangers or sharing unfamiliar ideas about value, juice is your final frontier.

There is much more to this life-changing notion. If you are part of a group or team, contact the author and partner in NEWbraska for more details.

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