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Attracting today's worker back to a super-productive, office

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

When discussing company work settings, experts tell us, “The office is going to change, but it’s not dead. It’s only dead as a cubicle space to work. People can work from anywhere now. But … we still need an arena for social interaction. We need offices that will entice workers back to work.”

While older office workers may want to work remotely because they have established networks and perhaps families to care for, younger workers, in particular, need to be in a workspace to learn more - to be acculturated, to be energized. That points us to UrbaNatural office design.

Attracting the new worker

As workers return or are hired, many companies will need more spaces that support collaboration, as opposed to solitary activities. They will be attracted to new kinds of spaces, including settings called 'UrbaNatural co-working spaces.' These areas are eclectic; they blend organic and synthetic walls, furniture, floors, art and surface areas. They are built around high contrast visual imagery (such as the convergence of wood and steel) that uses Nobel Prize-winning research to remind us that visual contrast stimulates dopamine in the brain; it evokes a good mood in all humans.

These areas also sport greenery (biophilics) everywhere, which is, again, proven to boost productivity.

In many urban areas, office designers are exploring ways to add outdoor spaces that promote collaboration, in some cases by opening upper-level offices to balconies and terraces that overlook the street.

According to one expert, “Seventy percent of managers find that the office environment is the place that’s conducive to team building, to social interaction. The office will be increasingly a space not only to work but to meet your colleagues."

The NEW office will increasingly be a space that’s indoor-outdoor, a space that's "UrbaNatural."

*UrbaNatural is a proprietary term owned by Lynn Hinderaker and Lee Myers, Nebraska-based organizational consultants who collaborate with architects and corporate staff to create 'fusionary' workforce environments that are designed around the UrbaNatural/neuroaesthetic concept to energize workers and customers. 402-208-5519.

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