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Whether you are interested in business growth or personal development, NEWbraska can serve you (and your team) professionally and affordably.

"Lynn is a dynamo! We're seeing progress already!"

3/28/23 Innovate to Be Great! 

Swanson Library 90th and Dodge, Omaha, NE - 6:30 to 8 (in person)
67% of all business owners are not confident that they have the right strategy. Many suspect that innovation - new products and services, new employee culture, new technology, etc. - is the answer. But they don't know how to proceed. Trainer Lynn Hinderaker developed the first Value Menu for Taco Bell and knows the process and the pitfalls of innovation. 
4/1/23 Turn On the Juice!
Swanson Library 90th and Dodge, Omaha, NE - 1 to 2:30 (in person)
Today, many managers and salespeople are downbeat - struggling with burnout and mediocrity. They lack vision and optimism. The answer is to reclaim your creativity, intuition, flow and sense of personal destiny. These are qualities that many executives wish they understood better. Trainer Lynn Hinderaker can help you open up to your inner reality and all the inspired possibilities it entails. Embrace the exciting journey from success to significance and find true happiness despite external circumstances.
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