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why become a member?

Think like an innovator

Brain drain and Covid-19 are slowing the growth of your firm. A new type of business community can help you turn things around.


Customers and employees want you to add value through innovation. The NEWbraska magnet community can help you move in that direction. The results? More loyal customers. Better quality recruits. New products and services. More fun.


NEWbraska™ is more than a group. It is a statewide business ecosystem that creates new opportunities, new relationships and new momentum. By blending a Linkedin type of site with a magazine and a forum that help you solve problems fast, you begin to think like a start up and regain momentum. 

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Only 12% of all business owners feel they are using social media effectively. 

61% of all CEOs feel isolated, unable to talk to others about their challenges.  

64% of all businesses struggle to attract high skill talent, especially in engineering, software development and nursing.  

Display ads are losing favor because they are being considered "intrusive" and "unbelievable." Meanwhile, business owners want their promotional messages to be given the same respect as journalistic stories.  

NEWbraska™ solves these four problems seven ways:

1. branded content about customers builds loyalty, locks in profits;

2. access to other high-quality leaders ;

3. rapid learning through free online training;

4. innovation coaching and assistance with new offerings;

5. potential alliances and collaborative ventures;

6. creative approaches to recruiting;

7. an educational e-newsletter. 

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Your company's product line is head and shoulders above the competition's. But no one seems to understand why or how. If you don't get more qualified sales prospects, things could get ugly. NEWbraska's ability to weave sponsored content or 'native advertising' into classic journalism could make the difference. You're already there.

Innovation is what attracts top talent, but it cannot flourish without synchronicity - the capacity to make unusual connections. The NEWbraska platform will provide access to those unusual connections. 

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Your ability to learn quickly and apply new knowledge to emerging situations could become your competitive edge. The NEWbraska platform supports that philosophy in three ways: 1) coordinating dialogues between members with a bias toward action; 2) making training available about innovation and change; 3) innovation events celebrate 'newness' and showcase progress across the state.


In NEWbraska™, confidence is baked into every product or transaction our members receive. Here's why: At this particular time, we are an insecure nation. People are nervous and fearful. Your company's association with other companies around the state - all of which are connected to a clear value system - will deepen credibility and foster trust.
Trust is a heartfelt type of value; it matters greatly when end users are especially anxious.
This is the truth of what customers are ready to buy from you and why your company will benefit long-term as a member of NEWbraska™, especially if you embrace the most sacred word in the English language: "trustworthy."