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Transformative Leaders, Transformative Strategies

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

This essay is about actionable vision and liberation from fear.

You are not an average businessperson - this I know. You realize that you need more than a great product to win in this inflationary phase when net profits hover between 3% and 7%.

You need new insight into who you really are and the problems you can really solve.
This is an unusual idea. But I am an unusual businessman.
I have consulted in 40 industries and transformed five of them. Again: Five industries will never be the same.
I'm the second person in history to bring black youth and white youth together - eventually impacting 38 million black/urban youth!

I'm the second person in America to sell interactive, digital advertising (for Cox) - 14 years before the web.

I co-created the very first Value Menu in the history of fast food, making Taco Bell and Pepsico a cool billion dollars. The Omaha World Herald covered this feature story.

My videos on iTunesUniversity (for UNL) quickly became more popular than videos from Harvard, Wharton, MIT and Stanford.

My humble essay about self-realization was published by a global psychotherapy magazine that had never accepted content from a businessperson before.

We are now a new school educating civic leaders about architecture, interior design and landscaping that will make America's struggle with workforce development and talent attraction a thing of the past.

Would you like to know HOW you can also make a transformational impact in your industry?
If you're interested in making an historical impact in your industry while having a good time, simply click your 'reply' button and type in 'yes.'
PS My partner and I have formed NEWbraska Partners to serve and transform the entire state of Nebraska. Follow your gut and get to the front of a line that includes 45,000 business owners from Nebraska. Call 402-208-5519 to schedule a get acquainted meeting or a presentation to your team.

Reach out to NEWbraska to:
Stimulate broad minded strategic thinking
Provide high level executive coaching
Conduct research with your customers and employees
Spearhead new product development
Grab market share from your competitors
Inject new enthusiasm into your employee culture
Rethink your core value

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