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Join the NEWbraska™ business network, where relationships unlock new value.

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Become part of a regional 'innovation ecosystem.' Here's why:

Creating new value is becoming so complex that no single firm or department is going to be able to master them alone; it requires collaboration, joint ventures and cross promotion to avoid being 'commoditized.' 
The key is to leverage products and services made by other companies that can - when combined correctly - enhance your success as well as theirs. It can become win-win.

NEWbraska can make these value-added partnerships work better.

Serious about growth through collaboration and partnerships? Download this FREE document, chock full of useful case studies.

The NEWbraska Network can help.

Greatness on your part is no longer enough. You must now manage your dependence.

Accomplish greater things more efficiently in an ecosystem.

But you have to rely on others.

It's possible with NEWbraska.com

Winning in an ecosystem requires more than good execution. It requires coherent alignment among a network of partners, each of whom is willing to collaborate productively with the other partners. This takes time and direction from experts like the NEWbraska Network partners.  They will advise you about staged expansion. This kind of support multiplies your competitive force.

NEWbraska: Your Force Multiplier'

These 'UrbaNatural' workers want a 'new' Nebraska where companies penetrate new markets through alliances and partnerships. They see potential in new ecosystem relationships.



Instead of pounding on a nail with your fist, you use a hammer and succeed quickly.

The NEWbraska™ business community is your ‘hammer’- your risk-avoiding force multiplier!


Avoid these collaboration challenges with advice from NEWBraska Partners:

  1. Get consensus on how specific activities will actually come together.

  2. Who will change their internal procedures to accommodate the other partner?

  3. Vision and goals may become semi-competitive.

"We collaborated with a competitor, Amazon, to generate even more revenue. This unusual relationships was a force multiplier because it made our delivery routes more concentrated and efficient." Dr. Udo Lange, CEO of FedEx Logistics

NEWbraska Partnerships Can Be a      Force Multiplier


Go from 'command-and-control' to collaborate-and-connect! 

Penetrate new markets or geographies;

Stimulate innovation;

Combine technical components from different partners to offer a newly-competitive total solution;

Lower cost of customer-acquisition;

Get solutions to irresolvable problems;



"You may be a genius, but...

"...you can't make it on your own."

Lynn Hinderaker





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