Go Where You Couldn't Go On Your Own

Join the NEWbraska™ business network, where relationships unlock new value.

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Become part of a regional 'innovation ecosystem.' Here's why:

Creating new value is becoming so complex that no single firm or department is going to be able to master them alone; it requires collaboration, joint ventures and cross promotion to avoid being 'commoditized.' 
The key is to leverage products and services made by other companies that can - when combined correctly - enhance your success as well as theirs. It can become win-win.

NEWbraska can make these value-added partnerships work better.

Serious about growth through collaboration and partnerships? Download this FREE document, chock full of useful case studies.

NEWbraska provides a one-stop-shop for answers for day-to-day challenges with subject-matter experts.

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We create meaningful relationships that are nurtured with feedback, thoughts and engagement among customers or members.

Accomplish greater things more efficiently in a community.
But you have to rely on others.

It's possible with NEWbraska.com

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Turn your membership in NEWbraska into a tangible asset. This eco-network of partners consists of 'shapers,' people who are comfortable thinking about what a new Nebraska could be.  Shapers work with ideas and alternative concepts to create a new ideal. This is an elite group that focuses on generating demand and growing capacity at the same time as we all enter the post-pandemic period.

NEWbraska: Something new is coming. '

These 'UrbaNatural' workers want a 'new' Nebraska where companies penetrate new markets through alliances and partnerships. They see potential in new ecosystem relationships.
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Instead of pounding on a nail with your fist, you use a hammer and succeed quickly.

The NEWbraska™ business community is your ‘hammer’- your risk-avoiding force multiplier!



Avoid these collaboration challenges with advice from NEWBraska Partners:

  1. Get consensus on how specific activities will actually come together.

  2. Who will change their internal procedures to accommodate the other partner?

  3. Vision and goals may become semi-competitive.


"We collaborated with a competitor, Amazon, to generate even more revenue. This unusual relationship was a force multiplier because it made our delivery routes more concentrated and efficient."        Dr. Udo Lange, CEO of FedEx Logistics

NEWbraska Partnerships Can Be a      Force Multiplier


Go from 'command-and-control' to collaborate-and-connect! 

Penetrate new markets or geographies;

Stimulate innovation;

Combine technical components from different partners to offer a newly-competitive total solution;

Lower cost of customer-acquisition;

Get solutions to irresolvable problems;


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"You may be a genius, but...

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"...you can't make it on your own."

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