If you want to grow, word of mouth is no longer enough. Everything has changed.  You must find another path.

Because of the pandemic, we have to do something more creative to attract new customers and young talent to our companies and to our state. Welcome to the NEWbraska™ Network, an affordable solution.




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Step 1: Upgrade your mindset to one where 'boldness' is your default state.

1.Articles, podcasts and videos about your firm.


2. We promote to 3000 viewers via email and Facebook ads.

3. Your progress is showcased in What's New! magazine  

4.Six FREE services including Q&A forum, Zoom training and more

5. Get more sales leads, recruit high-skill workers easier

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*quote from MultiUnit Franchise Systems Operators (MUFSO)

You are not stuck. You are empowered. The man who led the 'most dramatic turnaround ever'* in a $55 billion industry is prepared to help you regain sales momentum NOW, not when 'things settle down.'


Lynn Hinderaker co-created the first Value

Menu ever for Taco Bell's ad agency.

for your business. 402-208-5519


You can trust his team to drive growth

Attract new customers. Make your company 'more interesting.' More innovative. More now.

These young sales prospects prefer vendors who will share a meaningful story and offer insights they can read, listen to and watch. Get them into your sales funnel by using three media
to engage, educate and promote.



Three affordable marketing and PR tools attract prospects while saving you money on "blocked" web ads. 

Get more prospects into your funnel

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Every month, your prospects will 1) read, 2) listen and/or watch stories about you, your company and your industry. Every story makes it more likely they will visit your website. New sales follow.

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Level of interest in NEWbraska member's site and solution

Awareness and interest in purchase over time

*This chart symbolizes how prospects react to cumulative messaging over time. Many variables can affect the speed with which the sales prospect gets involved with a vendor-resource. 

3 exposures

9 exposures

15 exposures

21 exposures

Number of times a (theoretical) sales prospect is exposed to a NEWbraska member's message whether it's print, audio or video

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Step 1. Create awareness through news articles that explain the problem you solve or showcase your story.
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Step 2. Educational audio podcast explains how the prospect's problem is solved.
Step 3. Exciting video reminds prospect, prompts prospect to move forward, visit your site and choose a vendor.

Referring organization receives $30 monthly

Referring organization receives $40 monthly

Referring organization receives $50 monthly

Quantum Jump: Save $190/mo.

All three content marketing tools - articles, videos and podcasts - work together every month to intensify your prospecting and site visitation. Priced at $995/monthly, reduced 16% from $1185.

"I can relax because  NEWbraska handles my marketing communications for a fraction of what I normally pay for content, videos, etc."



Get six FREE services every month

When six out of nine services are free, you've entered the Value Revolution.

All members receive 6 FREE services, below
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Young Consultant

1. Q & A Forum: Tap into the membership and NEWbraska Partners to get savvy advice on challenging everyday issues.

2. Monthly Zoom networking and training. Pick up new insights and connections that matter. Reach out for success.

3. Informal and formal collaboration. Develop synergistic relationships with members that lead to win-win outcomes. Form alliances with reliable, growth oriented peers.

4. 'New Momentum' magazine helps Nebraska's business owners get even smarter in less time. Synopsized articles are blended with members' native advertising.

5. 'WOWBIZ Nebraska' is the only statewide business TV show around. Members are interviewed or the host showcases members' progress. Great publicity, easily targeted to influencers.

6. Mindset is everything. Tap into a broad and deep well of positivism, leadership and creativity. Cultivate inner conditions that are congruent with the seed of your potential.