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As a leader, it’s your job to focus on the future, to have a vision, a fresh view, unburdened by baggage and habits that have outlived their usefulness. NEWbraska™ can help.

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the newbraska™ team

Lee Myers and

Lynn Hinderaker

Business Excellence in a

Disruptive Age

NEWbraska™ is a digital business media and marketing community that brings people together around cutting edge content. It acts as a catalyst to help members rebound from the Covid-19 crisis as well as grow sales revenue, build relationships and recruit talent.


The site empowers frustrated business owners who are looking for new ways to innovate and inspire in the face of Covid-19 confusion and pandemic passivity.

Kind of like Linkedin, but regional.
Kind of like Forbes or Fast Company magazines, but mostly embedded-brand articles.
The five multicolored, moving blocks in the upper right portion of this website page symbolize the two men who have created the NEWbraska™ 'platform-community.'
1. Just as the blocks move together, Hinderaker and Myers both envision how buyers and sellers can be 'moved together' in new ways. Both understand 'fusion' as it relates to product development and customer collaboration. Both excel at connecting the dots, uncovering community opportunities.
2. Myers' has an eclectic background in journalism, educational sales, data and community relations. Hinderaker is a veteran in marketing, broadcasting and training. When these skills are combined, they form a strong foundation for entrepreneurial success. The blocks - with multiple sides and colors - illustrate the same principle.
3. The palette of colors on each of the blocks symbolizes moods, feelings and different ways of processing information. Both of these men are knowledgeable about how different personality types deal with change and complexity. Lee and Lynn are boundary-spanners who can help you surround tough business decisions.
4. Although the blocks keep moving, they do not topple. Everything fits together. This illustrates the value of working with two experienced consultants who have already succeeded in shifting environments. Myers is a systems expert who manages processes efficiently. Hinderaker is a futurist, anticipating how the 'trend-blocks' in our colorful marketplace are moving - yet again - toward a new model of success.